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Nessle Bros. Meats, Inc.


The ONLY place in Washington County for CUSTOM-CUT

and naturally AGED meats for YOUR discriminating tastes!


NEW!!  47th Anniversary Package!!

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Homemade Sampler Package!!! - - Get Yours NOW!!

Also check out our new pepperoni sticks!

We now make both beef and venison pepperoni!!

We have also added our own homemade pet food!!!

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"Nessled" in a corner of Greenwich, NY, stands the small store that houses Nessle Bros. Meats.  It is a small and unassuming store but the products that we make for our customers are anything BUT unassuming.  We do business the old fashioned way – personalized for what YOU want and custom made at our location to YOUR specifications.  Many of our products which require assembling (like sausages and other products) are actually assembled on site and made with genuine spices imported from countries of origin.


Nessle Bros. Meats is also the place to buy your chicken halves for your barbeques whether for an organization, a church or family party, graduation – you name it. Last year we sold over 10,000 halves of chicken!!


For larger orders call in your orders in advance so we can package and cut to your exact specifications and they will then be ready to pick up when you arrive. We also welcome walk-ins and we will put up your order while you wait.




Many people don’t realize what the aging process is.  We feel one big reason for our success over the last 38 years is directly related to the aging process of our beef.  Many of our competitors buy pre-packed beef that they just display and sell.  We on the other hand, buy the bigger pieces of beef, age it and cut it at just the right time for your dining satisfaction.
The aging process breaks down the beef structure naturally, and it tenderizes without ever changing the flavor. There is no need to use tenderizers, chemicals and other additives.  It’s the natural way of making your beef the best it can be. 
Aged beef is hard to find in this area but we specialize in it and many people travel long distances just to get our aged products.  



You want a 3” thick T-Bone?  You can get that here.  You want a 1/4” boneless Rib Eye, you can get that here.  We have combo packages of beef, pork and chicken products available or you can design your own package.  YOU are the “boss” and all you have to do is decide what you want.  Be forewarned, however, with so many options, it is not exactly easy to decide on what you want.  But whatever you want you can get it here.


What you WON’T get is an answering machine or a recorded menu.  So give us a call or visit today.  You'll be glad you did!!


Dick and Bob Nessle
Nessle Bros. Meats

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